• CSI: Operation Russia

    CSI: Operation Russia

    Dimitri Ivanovic, a former KGB agent, involved in military intelligence disappears in the 70s, leaving a trail of mystery and intrigue surrounding his office. You and your team will have 60 minutes to reveal the cause of his disappearance. Can you and your team complete this mission?

    • Completion rate: 30 %
    • Number of players: 2 - 8
  • Operation Lava Jato

    Lava Jato

    You and your team have a chance to break into an office that is suspected of containing valuable cash-and-carry information at Monetiza Engineering Co. Try to help Justice find out what really happens in this office. But hurry! They are coming back and it wouldn’t be a pleasure to meet them.

    • Completion rate: 30%
    • Number of players: 2-7
  • Carandiru


    An international hacker is planning a millionaire coup involving bank robberies and credit card password theft. It was discovered the place that this hacker acts! Now is the chance that you and your team have to stop this crime and stop the pirated software. But be quick, because after 60 minutes the malicious software will attack!

    • Completion rate: 30 %
    • Number of players: 2 - 7
  • The collector

    The collector

    You and your friends discovered Lindomar's hiding place. He is known for his collection of dolls, but there are rumors he makes sinister experiments with dolls and humans, as he believes he will get in touch with his six-year-old daughter who died mysteriously inside of this hiding place. No one who entered here has ever been found to confirm the story. As you passed by your house, you were captured and blindfolded! He left you inside your place of "work" and went out to get the dolls with which to make some of his experiments. He will return in an hour and there is only one way to escape before he comes back. Tic tac tic tac ...

    • Completion rate: 30%
    • Number of players: 4 - 10
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