• I am a foreigner and I do not speak Portuguese. Can I play? +

    Yes! We speak 4 languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish and Czech).

  • We are in a much larger group than allowed. Can we play? +

    Based on our experience, we believe that the ideal number for a group is what we suggest, but we deal with it case by case.

  • Can kids play the game? +

    Yes. Already 8 years old can enjoy the game together with adults. But remember, all children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by adult.

  • Do you have wheelchair access? +

    Yes! Three of our games are perfectly accessible to wheelchair users.

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  • Can I change the date or time of the game after I booked it in the system? +

    In case of a cancelation please go to a confirmation reservation email that we’ve sent to you. There you can find a link for your game cancelation. In case of a change date, please cancel your previous reservation and make a new one in our reservation system.

  • I didnt get a confirmation email of my booking. What should I do? +

    We are sorry, something went wrong. Please, contact us.

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The Game

  • We are really going to be locked? What if someone of us wants to get out earlier? +

    You are going to be locked but dont worry, all of our rooms are equipped by an emergency button that will allow you to leave the room in any time you will feel the need to leave.

  • How long is the game? +

    You have exactly 60 minutes to escape from any of our puzzle rooms. But plan to spend 10-15 minutes prior to each game for briefing where we going to give you instructions about the safety, game rules and you will have time to use the toilet.

  • Do I get to win something if I finish within the 60 minutes? +

    A good feeling of accomplishment.

  • Do I need any special skills or knowledge for the game? +

    No. The game was designed to test your teams working skills, creativity and cooperation. It requires only your mental skills without any physicall challenge.

  • What is the recommended clothing for the game? +

    There are no special dress requirements, you can wear whatever you may like. Only if you wear glasses, don't forgot them at home!

  • I already played one of your escape room. Is it worth it to play another one? +

    We have several rooms and all are very unique, with very different riddles, puzzles and escape strategies. Some test more your creativity, some more your patient and some your wit.

  • Can I give PUZZLE ROOM game as a gift? +

    Sure. Vouchers with the name of the donee and one year validity can be purchased either in the printed version or email version. Get in touch with us via "Contact"!

  • How can I pay for the game? +

    You can pay on the spot by cash or credit card or you can send us the payment via bank transfer.

  • I am unable to come on time / I am in a traffic jam or I am unable to show up at the reserved time at all. What should I do? +

    Every group is assigned one hour of a game. If you will not show up we will be unable to refund you. We will do our best so you can play and enjoy the game but you have to keep in mind that there are also other groups that are coming to play after you. If you know you going to be late or you cant show up at all, please, let us know as soon as possible.

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