Enter as a group and escape as a team!

Recreative team building

Our escape game rooms are designed to enhance cooperation, communication, lots of teamwork and fun. Escape Game makes participants think outside the box and most importantly, make them act and work as a team and communicate at all times.

Recruitment and selection

The Escape game allied to the process of recruitment and selection gives the manager a range of complementary information about each participant accompanying them in real time in our operating room. Request conditions: info@puzzleroom.com.br

Personalised solutions

We create and develop custom dynamics to bring a more interactive experience to your customers or partners at conferences with pocket games of 20, 30 or 60-minute games. Request information at parceiras@puzzleroom.com.br


Make your event inside of our mind-blowing escape game house! There are 5 different themes to choose from and up to 40 players per round that can play. We also have space for catering. Make your event special, see conditions at caio@puzzleroom.com.br


Do you want to launch a product in an innovative way? PUZZLE ROOM puts your company at the center of the dynamic. We offer customized escape games for product launches, announcements and promotions. See conditions at parceiras@puzzleroom.com.br

Portable games

Our portable escape game is a very fun and different way to challenge players because it requires communication, teamwork, and common sense among other skills to get to the end of the game before your opponents.