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The unique live escape game

With roots in the Czech Republic (Prague) and Switzerland (Zurich), we bring to Brazil one of the most modern and creative escape games in the world. Creating enigmatic and engaging memories.

We bring to real life escape games that you might play online, in your video game or computer and we add to it more fun, excitement, teamwork and lots of interactivity in the best escape rooms of Brazil. Your mission is to have fun, to forget the world outside the room, to look for clues, to find hidden objects, to solve puzzles, to open locks and to unveil secrets. All this with only one goal in mind - ESCAPE THE ROOM!

And what is an escape game?
Escape Game is a real and interactive experience. You and your team of 2 to 8 players will be locked in a room and will have to cooperate, using multiple clues to solve puzzles and escape the room before the time runs out. Are you ready to race against time and escape within 60 minutes? Tick tack tick tack

Friends & Family

Looking for something different and cool to do with your friends or your family? PUZZLE ROOM is a great choice. Build your team and come to have fun in an hour full of adrenaline and teamwork. We have developed games where you will have to combine skills and quick thinking to solve puzzles and escape the room in 60 minutes.


Are you going through the city these days and looking for something interesting to do? The PUZZLE ROOM is a fun and unique option for everyone looking for fun. We are very close to the public transportation, easy to find. And if you do not speak Portuguese, do not worry, our games do not require language skills.


Do you “Rock” at online games? Do you play hours nonstop? Come to the PUZZLE ROOM and test your skills in offline mode, the real life escape game! Come to the real world and try to beat the clock with your team of friends.


PUZZLE ROOM takes teambuilding on a different level. We offer an hour of experience that will test your teams’ creativity, problem solving and teamwork. It's a lot of fun and an innovative way of cooperation and entertainment. We have two modalities of teambuilding, the recreational and the constructive. For more information click here.


Check out the opinions of those who have come to have fun in PUZZLE ROOM. Would you like to tell us about your experience?

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  • Great place to stay!

    Amazing experience, had never done it, looked like it's worth the trip! It puts your brain to work, requires teamwork and logical thinking! Highly recommend!

    Douglas S | Tripadvisor

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