Chapecó Scenarios

CSI: Fatal Investigation

Norman Sanders was an Interpol agent who came to Brazil to investigate a series of crimes. In his search, Sanders was one step closer to unraveling the identity of the killer. However, he got too close and ended up becoming the last victim! Sanders' death is unsolved and the local police are about to close the case. You will only have 60 minutes to unravel the mystery, finding the killer's name to escape!


Disguised as bikers, the Larapius are actually a gang of criminals. Recently, a rival gang arrived in their territory, unleashing a real war on the outskirts of Chapecó. You were mistaken for members of the rival gang and brought to Larapius headquarters for reckoning. But the police just arrested some members of the gang and what was left of Larapius fled, leaving you behind. You have 1 hour to escape. The atmosphere is tense and the police are about to arrive. Or else the Larapius will return. And they will have no mercy ...

Delivery boxes


Las Vegas, hangover and a finger on the ice box. What happened last night?


11 logical thinking steps that will break your head! You choose the goal.

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