Escape Game Live

Escape Game Live is a game which the game master stays inside de room, while the players are online, each one at own home. This type of game allows the team to take part from anywhere in the world.

The way of broadcasting garantees maximum imersion and a great interaction with the room.

It is possible to connect up to 8 connections and have fun at home!

Escape Game Live

Play from anywhere in the world!
R$ 225 Around US$ 50 - up to 8 connections
  • CSI - Operation Russia
  • The Collector


CSI: Operation Russia

The former KGB agent Dimitri Ivanovic was in Brazil in the 1970s to investigate very dangerous people involved in guns and military technology traffic. He knew he was in danger! Dimitri was murdered in his office and the crime was never solved.Today, almost 50 years later, secret agent Silva had access to a recording that turned the case around. Dimitri left clues in his officeas to who would harm him and, consequently, is guilty of the crime! His office remains intact ... The inexperienced secret agent Silvaknows that the place is still under surveillance by criminals today, but he managed to enter the office without being seen. However, upon entering, he let the door slam and got stuck inside ... He knows that in 60 minutes, the criminals will be there to end his life too! The only way out is to find out who the culprit is before they arrive and Silva won't be able to do it alone. It triggers you remote agents. You need to help him find out who is to blame for the death of Dimitri Ivanovic, as this is the key for Agent Silva to be able to open the door and escape. Run, because his life depends on you!

The Collector

Lindomar dos Anjos is a well-known serial killer who terrifies the region of Curitiba. His hiding place has not yet been discovered by the authorities and he remains free to practice his bizarre crimes in rituals involving dolls and human beings.

Someone was just captured and was left alone in Lindomar's hideout. The victim managed to connect to you. Now, you have exactly 60 minutes to help him escape before Lindomar returns and finish what he started ...

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Valor: R$ 225 por partida – até 8 dispositivos / around US$ 50 – up to 8 connections

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